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|RA| Respected Admins - Terms of Service

|RA| Respected Admins: |RA| Respected Admins - Terms of Service

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Welcome to |RA| Respected Admins!

Join us now to get access to all our features. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger and more.

|RA| Membership Rules and Regulations

Welcome Back! We have done some recent terms of Membership changes and we are making all of the members go over the rules and what it means to be an |RA| Member before gaining access to the site. Please take some time to thoroughly go through the Rules and Regulations and make sure you are up to date on our policies here.

This community relies heavily on the leaders of each clan to take an active role in assuring that their clans as well as other community clans are kept as clean as possible. Each clan must uphold the utmost respect for those in the |RA| community and the community itself. Below you will find everything from simple rules and regulations to procedures, and general guidelines for |RA|. If there is any questions regarding clarification of these rules and regulations please contact an Admin.

ANY VOTING THAT OCCURS IN |RA| MAY PASS ONLY WITH A 66% YES VOTE. ALL Clans that hold a full-member seat in |RA| have 2 Admins, so 2 Votes per clan and may use those 2 votes how they see fit.

Section I: MBL
  • Absolutely under NO circumstances will ANY person that is currently on ANY Master Ban List (MBL), for any game, be able to take an active role in any functions pertaining to |RA|. As well as any clan harboring a person on any MBL is grounds for removal if voted upon by leaders. MBL=NO |RA|
  • Any player found cheating, hacking, circumventing a ban in any way will be permanently removed from |RA| immediately if evidence is found to be proven guilty of stated. If such occurrences happen and there is not a PB catch we will convene an immediate meeting of Respected Admins Staff and look at ALL the evidence and a vote process will then occur.
  • Players/recruits being added to a |RA| clans Roster that had a prior MBL status will not be considered a part of |RA|, ideally there shouldn't be any clan adding a member to their roster with a cheating background.

Section II: Membership Procedures and Status

Once a clan becomes interested in joining the |RA| community these are the following steps that should be taken for the process to begin:
  • The leader's should post in the application forums stating your intent for a seat in |RA| and give as much information as possible to help other |RA| members and leaders get to know your clan such as IP of servers, server names, TeamSpeak/Vent info ect. This is solely used for leaders to get to know your clan and your players.
  • Next you should let your clan know your intentions in joining |RA| and direct them to our forums to sign up and say hi as well as get them to start playing in |RA| servers so all the |RA| community can get to know your clan.
  • After your Membership post is made, an |RA| Staff member will go over your information, and if everything checks out then you are put on a 30-day probation to ensure your quality.
  • After 30 Days of Probation, you, your second admin, and your clan become full members of |RA|.
  • The submitting clan must not contain any past or present hackers.

Final Membership
By being a member of |RA| it is YOUR responsibility to add and contribute to the |SBL|. The Ban list is only as strong as you, the admins, make it. If you are unwilling to contribute to the |SBL| then membership isnt for you, |RA| Member title has been a trusted name in the gaming community for years. Each team needs to have 2 registered admins to be listed as |RA| Members
  • By being an |RA| Member, you are the contributor to the SBL, without your submissions the SBL will go nowhere. It is your responsibility to make contributions and SBL Submissions
  • Non-contributing members will lose access and privileges on the website
  • Each team needs to have a roster available either online or in hard copy
  • Must follow the |RA| Rules and Regulations in full. See Section V.f

Section III: Supplemental Ban List (SBL) Protocol and Procedure

The Supplemental Ban List, SBL, consists of 'clean' GUID's, but are linked to Prior MBL Violations. Each GUID is submitted by the |RA| Members and is then checked by the Staff. Below is the Procedure for SBL Additions:
  • Current GUID is submitted along with the busted (old)GUID.
  • The GUID is cross-referenced with the old GUID:
    1. Current GUID(s) and busted GUID(s) are compared via PsB RPI and PBBans MPI, or any additional External Ban organization
    2. IP Location and service provided compared, last octet open for change.
    3. Alias similarity checked for matches
    4. Ban violation(s) checked for similarity.
    5. Re-check the above for accuracy.
  • If the GUID's are a positive match, the current GUID is added to the SBL. If the GUID's don't match, the GUID is not placed on the SBL and is open for extended evaluation

Section IV: Appealing Bans
  • All |RA| SBL Bans are available for appeal.
  • Any Appeal with the IP of past and present GUID being identical will be automatically DENIED.
  • While all the Bans are available for appeal, we reserve the right to deny any and/or all appeals within our discretion.
  • All Appeals must be filed through the "Ban Appeal" System. Any Appeals that are posted in the forums will be ignored.

Section V: Rules Enforcement
  • Respected Admins Administration and Staff will primarily be responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations within the |RA| Community.
  • Rules will be enforced as violations occur and the penalty (if applicable) will be enforced effective immediately.
  • All decisions of the Administration can be appealed to the leaders of the community as identified in Respected Admins Rules And Regulations Section V. d (Each clan is entitled to two leaders as assigned when they sign up with |RA|. Each clan is entitled to one leader present at any and all community leaders meetings in which that leader will vote for his clan.)
  • Appeal Process: If a clan feels they were wronged by a decision by the Admins they can appeal to the community leaders by having their leader post a request for a leaders meeting in the leaders forums. No other information is required or allowed. This avoids the thread turning into flaming or a division within the league. The leaders will meet in which both sides will be discussed. Then the community leaders will vote as stated in Respected Admins Rules and Regulations Section V.c. A 66% community leaders vote is required to overturn the Admins verdict.
  • If appeal is overturned all clan penalties are overturned and a public post will be made stating such a verdict.
  • If there is a Direct Violation of the Membership rules, or if an appeal is lost the clan is subject to the next level of penalty. (ie: If your member flamed another |RA| member in a public forum and this was you clans first offense.) The penalty would be a 14 day suspension. If you leaders appeal the decision and the decision of the Admins stand. The clan would be subject to the second offense penalty a 30 day suspension. This rule is instated to assure each and every member is accountable for their actions and they do not take up the leaders time to dispute the violation.)
  • All penalties are enforced until the appeal is processed endless otherwise agreed upon by the Administration.

Section VI: Required Server Settings
  • All Clans must have the most current PB version WITHOUT REMOVAL OF ANY FILES in order to be |RA| Members. All servers must be live and streaming to PsB and or PBBans.
  • Each Server should have some form of banner stating that this is an |RA| server. This informs the guests in your server that you are a part of this community and they can expect to find GGz.
    - you can easily set up server messages through PB


  • These rules and regulations were agreed upon by the founding clans of the|RA| These rules are subject to change at any time without notice as determined by the leaders of |RA|. It is your responsibility to keep familiar with |RA|'s rules and regulations.

|RA| isnt an automated system with direct enforcement, we are an organization that is 100% ran by our members. Our members are the ones who provide the data for the SBL, we dont have several thousand members or an arsenal of staff. We are a tight-knit community thats membership originally was on a vote-in basis because we want to build strong relationships with each other, not only will this help the server admins that work hard to ensure clean games, it will also help the community to gain trust and friendship across the gaming community. We want to have a community where you know you can go to each others servers and know that you will find good games and mutual respect for one another.

The |RA| mission is simple, if you make it on the MBL and you try to circumvent your ban, we will get you.

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